Cardiologist Visit 06-10-10

I saw the cardiologist today. It was rather anticlimactic. I didn’t really hear anything I didn’t expect. I’ve got 3 choices for dealing with the PSVT: do nothing, continue with the meds, cardiac ablation. I can do nothing & just live with it. It’s not “life threatening” – I won’t die from the PSVT episodes, […]

First Dose of New Meds

Well, I took my first dose of my Toprol last night. I had hoped not to have many of the side effects that were listed, but unfortunately I did. I had trouble sleeping, strange dreams, very tired. The side effects are supposed to go away once your body gets used to it…I sure hope so…I […]

My ER Visit Update

Since everyone is wanting an update on exactly what happened with me yesterday, I figure a blog post is in order. Many of you now know that I had to have JR take me to the ER yesterday. The whole thing actually started very early in the morning yesterday – around a quarter to 1. […]