Random Stuff

I have several things to catch up on. Delaney’s refused having the potty seat sitting on the “big potty”, preferring to balance herself on the big seat by herself. She’s also has been trying to go potty by herself the past couple of days. We also had a poop in the potty again yesterday! (Unfortunately […]

Delaney update 7-2-09

For some reason, Delaney has started calling her poop “turtle”. I don’t have the slightest idea where she got that from. But, now when she poops, instead of saying she has “yuckies” like she used to, now she says she has “turtle”. And, of course, she always makes “turtles” in her panties and NOT on […]

Delaney wakes up to go potty

I’m totally dragging this morning! Glad I don’t have anything “pressing” early this morning. Delaney woke up at midnight and took herself to the potty (YAY) and of course there was a big ruckus in the house over it! Unfortunately, it was hard to fall asleep after that! She was dry again when she woke […]

Potty Update

I know I posted about this already today, but I ust wanted to update. Delaney has done so well today. Other than a poop accident, she has been dry all day. Several times I had to ask her to sit on the potty, but several times she told me she needed to go. I’m so […]

She Pooped in the Potty!

This morning, Delaney sat on the little potty we keep in the living room and started talking about poop.  So, I asked her if she needed to poop in the potty. I ask her this often when she starts to talk about poop, so, I was expecting the same answer I always get, which is […]