Delaney & ADHD

I’ve suspected for quite some time (years) that my youngest had ADHD like me & her sister. I’ve been keeping in contact with her teacher this year and trying to decide how long we could manage things without an official evaluation. She’s only in first grade, so it’s been difficult for me to figure out […]

Things That Parents of ADHD Children Wished Every Teacher Knew

I found this while looking for something else online today. It pretty much sums it up. Having an ADHD child is very challenging and we need all the help we can get. Teachers play a vital role in the way that our child feels about himself and we hope that you will do whatever you […]

Poor Working Memory & ADHD

When many people hear that someone has ADHD (ADD) they immediately think of physical hyperactivity. I must admit, until I was diagnosed and began educating myself on the subject, I also thought that’s all that it was and that it was “outgrown”. Boy was I wrong! I was doing some reading today, and ran across […]

Brianna Day 2

Today I gave Brianna both doses of her Adderall. The only thing I’ve really noticed is she was not hungry during the day until about the time her 2nd dose was probably wearing off. I say “probably” because at this point I am not seeing a difference in her ADHD symptoms. About 45 minutes after […]