2011 NASP National Archery Tournament – Day 1

It's the end of day 1 of Blaney Elementary Archery Team's trip to the NASP National Tournament. We left the school a little after 7 this morning and … [Continue reading]

Days Like Today Could Drive Me To Drinkin’

It's days like today that might drive me to drinkin'! UGH. The kitchen sink sprayer lever broke after breakfast. I had a replacement sprayer under the … [Continue reading]

Poor Working Memory & ADHD

When many people hear that someone has ADHD (ADD) they immediately think of physical hyperactivity. I must admit, until I was diagnosed and began … [Continue reading]

Conversation With Delaney: Kitties & Zombies

Today's interesting conversation...all in the span of about 30 seconds... Are we going to Tyler & Chase's house today? Me: No, not today. They … [Continue reading]

Conversations with Delaney: The Shadows That Live In Her Window

Most nights I sit next to each girl on their respective beds and spend a minute or two (sometimes 10 or 20) talking about their day and whatever else … [Continue reading]

Cardiologist Visit 06-10-10

I saw the cardiologist today. It was rather anticlimactic. I didn't really hear anything I didn't expect. I've got 3 choices for dealing with the … [Continue reading]

First Dose of New Meds

Well, I took my first dose of my Toprol last night. I had hoped not to have many of the side effects that were listed, but unfortunately I did. I had … [Continue reading]

My ER Visit Update

Since everyone is wanting an update on exactly what happened with me yesterday, I figure a blog post is in order. Many of you now know that I had to … [Continue reading]

From Understanding Why Some Species Eat Their Young To "Awe" Within Moments

There are those times as a parent when you understand why some species eat their young. Then, within minutes, that changes to an "aaawwwweee" … [Continue reading]

April Fool's Day – And I'm Not Even Dressed Yet

Well, I've definitely had an interesting start to my April Fool's Day. I woke up to the "reminder alarm" I have set on my iPod to start looking for … [Continue reading]