New member of the family

We added another member to the family over the weekend.  Here are some pictures. She’s 7 weeks old. 7/8 Lab & 1/8 Husky.  We finally decided on a name for her yesterday – Jackie.  Partly to tie it in with the fact that we got her on Halloween (Jackie – from Jack-o-lantern) and partly to […]

Finally Catching My Breath

Well, after a whirlwind couple of weeks of PTA fundraiser money counting, Fall Festival planning, prep & implementation, Fall Festival money counting, client work, signing new clients I’m finally digging myself out of my hole filled with tasks and am seeing the light! Today & tomorrow I’ve mostly just got some QuickBooks work to do. […]

My Birthday So Far

My birthday has been pretty good. When you’re 36, quiet = good. JR made a quick run back home this morning to bring me breakfast. When he leaned over to kiss me (I was still sleeping), his iPhone fell out of his shirt pocket and knocked me in the head. Those things are pretty good […]

357 vs. Timber Rattlesnake

CAUTION! GROSS IMAGES & VIDEO BELOW We had quite an adventure last night in our backyard. Shiner cornered a Timber Rattlesnake and the girls (neighbor included) saw it and came running to the front yard to tell the grown-ups.  JR went out back and shot it then chopped its head off.  Here are some pics […]

September 6th Catching Up

JR starts back on day shift after tonight’s shift. That means I have to share the bed again, darn. But, that also means we’ll be on the same “schedule”, so it’s not so bad. 🙂 Our anniversary was the 31st and we didn’t get a chance to celebrate it. 13 years. Maybe we’ll get the […]

Catching up on stuff

It’s been a few weeks since I updated the blog, so I have a lot of stuff to talk about. Delaney said her first “I love you” a couple of weeks ago. She didn’t say it to me or to JR, she said it to Brianna. No big surprise since she loves her sissy so […]

Random Stuff

I have several things to catch up on. Delaney’s refused having the potty seat sitting on the “big potty”, preferring to balance herself on the big seat by herself. She’s also has been trying to go potty by herself the past couple of days. We also had a poop in the potty again yesterday! (Unfortunately […]

Spring Break is Over

Well, Spring Break is over, and things are on their way back to normal here in the house.  JR is sleeping (worked last night), Brianna is at school, Shiner is napping behind the couch, and Delaney is trying her best to build something to climb up to get Brianna’s Nintendo DS off the mantel.  She […]

JR was on the news

My hubby was on the news last night.  If you’d like to see the video, here’s the link to the news report. (update – news video no longer available)