Puppy Update March 25

The puppies are just over 3 months old now. These last two weeks have made a big difference – I’m able to sleep through the night again! As for house training, we’ve had a couple of different stretches of 2-3 days without any accidents in the house. Today was not a good day…probably because it […]

Puppy Update March 9

The puppies are 11 weeks old now. They’ve lost their “puppy pot bellies” & are looking much sleeker. The first week was much like having a newborn again…the puppies weren’t really old enough to be sleeping through the night & needed to be taken out to go potty several times during the night. I slept […]

Dogs, dogs, dogs

It is with mixed emotions that I write this blog post. Sadly, on January 11, 2014, Shiner passed away. Without going into a lot of detail, he had a large mass in his abdomen that was about the size of a basketball. Shiner’s passing left Jackie without her lifelong companion. We got Jackie when she […]

New member of the family

We added another member to the family over the weekend.  Here are some pictures. She’s 7 weeks old. 7/8 Lab & 1/8 Husky.  We finally decided on a name for her yesterday – Jackie.  Partly to tie it in with the fact that we got her on Halloween (Jackie – from Jack-o-lantern) and partly to […]