Puppy Update March 9

Pups in the kennel.

Pups in the kennel.

The puppies are 11 weeks old now. They’ve lost their “puppy pot bellies” & are looking much sleeker. The first week was much like having a newborn again…the puppies weren’t really old enough to be sleeping through the night & needed to be taken out to go potty several times during the night. I slept in the living room for a week. The first several nights with Sydney he slept with me on the couch. After 3 nights he was fine sleeping in the kennel. Although Pacer and Sydney share a kennel, Pacer did NOT want to sleep in the kennel at first. The first several nights I had to lay in the floor next to the kennel until he fell asleep so he wouldn’t whine. Each night I “weaned” him off me being there by not waiting until he was actually asleep to leave the room. It only took 4-5 nights until he stopped whining at bed time. At no time was he ever “scared” of the kennel…he would voluntarily go sleep in it during the day (we leave the door open during the day).

We also started training the puppies almost right away to stay out of the kitchen when we were eating & to wait on the living room carpet until they were called to eat their meals. It didn’t take long – they were trained to sit & stay until called for their meal in 3 days.

The dogs patiently waiting to be called to dinner.

The “Jedi” dogs patiently waiting to be called to dinner.

We’re still working on the house training. They’re pretty good most of the time, but if we don’t keep a close eye on them & see their subtle signals, they will pee in the floor. They have “told” us they needed to go out several times by going over to the back door & looking at us.

Interestingly enough, during the “meet & greet” at the shelter, Jackie & Sydney appeared to be indifferent to one another & Jackie & Pacer seemed to get along best & be more interest in one another. However, once we got everyone home, Jackie & Sydney are the ones who are buddies. Jackie didn’t even want Pacer near her at first, although she would let Sydney literally climb all over her. The last several days Jackie seems to be much more tolerant of Pacer though.

Although I thought I was certifiably insane for taking on two young puppies at once, in hind sight, I’m glad I did. They are wonderful companions for one another and it’s quite entertaining to watch them play and learn. They are definitely well on their way to becoming fabulous dogs. Last week they went through the phase where they were trying to figure out how rough they could play without seriously hurting one another…there were several times when they crossed that line and yelps & whites could be heard.

Although Jackie has never had a litter of puppies (she was spayed as soon as she was old enough), she has taken on the role of “nanny dog” to the pups. When they get to playing too rough, she runs over and breaks them up. Also, when I am out in the yard trying to coax them to come off the deck to go potty, she will run up to the deck & try to “herd” them down to me. I was quite surprised at her taking on the the nanny role since I have never asked her to do so.

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