Delaney & ADHD

I’ve suspected for quite some time (years) that my youngest had ADHD like me & her sister. I’ve been keeping in contact with her teacher this year and trying to decide how long we could manage things without an official evaluation. She’s only in first grade, so it’s been difficult for me to figure out whether she’s just acting like a normal first grader or if other things were afoot. I finally broke down last month & called to make her appointment. Yesterday was the day. She scored “perfect” (LOL) on the inattentive portion & pretty darn high on the hyperactive. No big surprise on either of those. So, the doc is starting her out on 5mg of Adderall twice a day – re-evaluating in 4 weeks.

I gave her first dose this morning and sent her off to school. We’re still waiting for the doctor’s office to fax the medication form to the school, so I took her noon dose up to her at lunch time. I walked into her classroom & the class was working on their daily journal writing. I wasn’t expecting to see anything in her journal because ALL YEAR the only time she’s written anything was the handful of days (I can literally count on 1 hand) when either I or her teacher were standing right over her prompting what to write, and even those days we were lucky to get 2 or 3 sentences out of her. I almost broke down right there in the classroom and cried when I looked at her journal today…she had written a FULL PAGE and was starting on another. Again, this is first grade, so we’re not talking about the epic novel, but still…

I went to lunch her & much to my surprise she ate all her lunch. I didn’t send her with much because I didn’t expect her to have much of an appetite, but she ate her sandwich & cheese stick without playing & talking my ear off like she usually does when I sit with her at lunch. Again, I was floored.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the school year goes. Even though I know how much of a difference the medication makes for me and for her sister I am still amazed.

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