I Miss You

There are times when you wish you hadn’t been left alone with your own thoughts. This afternoon is one of those times. I “think” a lot when I’m¬†hyper-focused¬†on “mundane” tasks. Today I’m hyper-focused on cleaning the baseboards & door jambs. The girls are pretty much staying to themselves today & JR is out motorcycle riding with a friend, so, I’m basically left alone, in the quiet with myself.

Being left alone with my thoughts isn’t always a bad thing. I’ve come to some realizations about several things today … why I feel the way I do about certain people & time periods in my past.

But then I get to thinking about other people who have been in my life and I realize just how much I miss them. Not because they are no longer in my life because they have died, but because for one reason or another, they are no longer in my life – generally due to some sort of falling out between us. Some of those people I do not “miss,” others I realize I miss terribly – mostly the “flesh & blood” relations I was very close to before the falling out.

I do not know if those people will ever read this. Hopefully we will be able to patch things back together at some point…because I miss you.

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