Days Like Today Could Drive Me To Drinkin’

It’s days like today that might drive me to drinkin’! UGH. The kitchen sink sprayer lever broke after breakfast. I had a replacement sprayer under the sink from a repair we ended up not having to do, so I brought it out and replaced the sprayer. Perfect fit. Great. Unfortunately, THAT sprayer lever broke also!

Moving on to this afternoon. The clutch cable I bought for the lawn tractor last weekend had come in earlier this week. So, off I went to switch out the clutch cable. I get the mower deck removed (with a little help from J.R. for some muscle), clutch cable replaced, mower deck re-installed & started the tractor to test out the mower deck. Yay, the blades turn! But, alas, they do not stop when the attachment lever is disengaged (which is why I replaced the clutch cable – a $30+ part plus shipping…(stupid internet told me to replace it). So, back to the tractor manual and exploded parts diagrams. What is this? I don’t recall seeing this spring in the diagram on my mower deck! An idler spring appears to be missing. Great, super, awesome, sigh. I look up the price from Sears…sweet…only $2.91…plus shipping of $7.99. So, I call around to some small engine places thinking they may have one since, according to the Sears web site, this spring is used on 474 mower models. Nope…no one local has one in stock. BUT, one cool dude told me if I can find the size of the spring I should be able to use a general use spring from the hardware store of the same size. Wonderful…the parts diagram and the Sears parts site do not HAVE the spring size. Fortunately, another search of the ‘net using slightly different search terms nets me dimensions!

Off to Lowe’s we go in search of a spring and a kitchen sink sprayer.

After some searching, we found a 2-pack of springs I think will probably work. If not, it was only 3 1/2 bucks for 2 springs, plus I can take them back. We also found a replacement sink sprayer that says it’s universal and fits all faucet brands. Excellent. Cool, let’s go eat dinner and go home to fix the sprayer.

Kids are in bed, remove the broken sprayer and attempt to install the universal-fits-all-faucet-brands-sprayer. Hmmm…doesn’t fit. I try all sorts of different ways to get the darn thing to work, but it simply doesn’t fit. So, I think maybe I can just swap out the existing hose since I WAS able to get the sprayer to install on the replacement hose that went with the replacement sprayer that was under the sink from this morning. After some fumbling around under the sink trying to see what the heck I was doing & figuring out how to disconnect a hose that doesn’t screw on I finally got the hose off. Great…awesome…NOT! The replacement hose screws on, the original is a Delta quick-connect hose and the piece it attaches to under the sink doesn’t have ANY threads, so there’s no way to screw the replacement hose onto it. GAH!!!!!!

So, I have to re-attach the original hose and broken sprayer just so we’re able to use the kitchen sink.

You’d think I’d have learned by now that if the original plumbing fixture is a DELTA that NOTHING that says UNIVERSAL will fit. I’ve run into issues with sink stoppers, sprayers, and various other items throughout the years.

Yep, if I were a big drinker I’d probably have a drink. I guess chocolate will just have to do.

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