Conversation With Delaney: Kitties & Zombies

Today’s interesting conversation…all in the span of about 30 seconds…

Are we going to Tyler & Chase’s house today? Me: No, not today. They have lots of dogs & a kitty. I like kitties. Kitties are not zombies. I did not see zombies around here. There are no zombies at our house. But spiders are zombies. Mom, are spiders zombies? Spiders eat people.

I would like to thank my neighbor, Mike, for introducing my daughter to the wonderful world of zombies. <Insert sarcasm>

And just a little more background info – Tyler & Chase are her cousins who live in Ohio (JR’s brother’s kids). When we visited them this past Christmas they were dog sitting their grandma’s dogs (JR’s brother’s wife’s mom) plus they have a couple of dogs of their own, so there WERE a house full of critters.

As for the zombies…zombies are not a scary thing for Mike (or his 3-year-old daughter, who is one of Delaney’s favorite playmates), they are more of a fascination, so Delaney’s not scared of zombies either.

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