From Understanding Why Some Species Eat Their Young To "Awe" Within Moments

There are those times as a parent when you understand why some species eat their young. Then, within minutes, that changes to an “aaawwwweee” moment.

It’s lunchtime. Delaney had started eating her apple (whole). Brianna just finished slicing hers & got the last caramel dipping cup from the cabinet. Delaney started throwing a fit that she wanted Sissy’s caramel cup & refused to eat her apple. I offered to cut her apple but told her she still wouldn’t get Sissy’s “dippin’.” She refused. Then it occured to me to offer her some peanut butter for dipping her apple slices. Delaney perked up & agreed. Crisis temporarily averted.

So, I go into the garage to get something & when I return I see Delaney dipping her apple slice into Brianna’s caramel. I looked at Brianna. She says, “We’re sharing. She let me have some of her peanut butter, so I’m letting her have some of my caramel dip.” I said, “Funny how that works, hu?”

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