Testing out the iPod Touch / iPhone WordPress App

Well, I just downloaded the new iTunes Store app for WordPress blogs that allows you to manage your blog posts, write new ones, create pages & manage comments. So, let me see if I can add photos and format text.

Well, it looks like I can add photos from my iPod, but they are added to the bottom of the post by default & I can format text using HTML coding, italics, did bold in the other paragraph, & I’m sure I could do colors & other formatting manually also, but that is a pain to do when you have to type with your thumbs. Oh well, it seems like it would be a great app for people who blog shorter blog posts on the go, but, as you can tell by the massive amount of posts on my blog , I’m not sure how much use I will get out of this app. But I do see a use for it for many people.

If this post turns out right, hopefully I will have moved the picture that is automatically inserted at the bottom in between two of these paragraphs.


  1. Well, it looks like it worked! I’m typing this comment on the computer though…I can only stand so much typing with my thumbs!

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