September 6th Catching Up

JR starts back on day shift after tonight’s shift. That means I have to share the bed again, darn. But, that also means we’ll be on the same “schedule”, so it’s not so bad. 🙂 Our anniversary was the 31st and we didn’t get a chance to celebrate it. 13 years. Maybe we’ll get the chance to go out to dinner together – just the two of us – now that he’s back on day shift.

Delaney has fully entered the phase where she copies everything Brianna does and says immediately after she does it. Sometimes it’s cute and adorable and Brianna thinks it’s funny so she makes a game of it. Other times it’s just downright annoying and it ticks Brie off. I just have to keep telling her that’s the kind of stuff that goes along with being a big sister and she has to deal with it. Delaney can also reach all the light switches now. 🙁

Brianna’s doing well in school and she loves earning “class cash” and shopping in the classroom every week. She got Delaney a toy this week. I thought that was sweet.

One of the neighbors made a comment the other day that Shiner had lost a lot of weight. I knew he had been loosing some since I’d put him on the diet and been trying to exercise him a little more. I guess I didn’t realize how much he had been loosing since I see him day in and day out. So, JR and I weighed him the other day – JR weighed himself, then held Shiner while he weighed himself again. Shiner’s lost about 20 pounds (in our non-scientific process). I need to take him down to the vet’s office sometime this week to get a quick weight on their scales there.

I’m keeping busy with client work and PTA stuff. The Fall Festival & Silent Auction is coming up next month and we’ve got a lot of stuff going on with that. A meeting each week for the Fall Festival Committee plus our regular monthly PTA meeting and all the work that goes along with that, I also have a client meeting once a week with two different clients and I’m on the planning committee and marketing sub-committee for the 2010 IVAA Live Summit in Phoenix, so I’ve got meetings for each of those at least once a month. I’m just glad Brianna’s back in school now so I can get some stuff done during the day instead of refereeing for the girls all day and then having to catch up on my work in the evenings.

Speaking of evenings, it’s almost 10 PM and I’m going to pack it up and head to bed early tonight. I was up until 3:30 AM working on a problem with a client’s web site and then, of course, the girls didn’t sleep in all that late, so I was up with them. So, tonight I’m going to enjoy my last night (for a few months) of having the bed all to myself.

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