My Birthday So Far

My birthday has been pretty good. When you’re 36, quiet = good. JR made a quick run back home this morning to bring me breakfast. When he leaned over to kiss me (I was still sleeping), his iPhone fell out of his shirt pocket and knocked me in the head. Those things are pretty good weapons when they come at you from a far enough distance and the corner of it hits your forehead. I spent most of the morning putzing around reading birthday wishes on Facebook & Twitter. This afternoon I picked up money for the fall festival “mummy wrapping” then had a PTA committee meeting after. Ran a deposit to the bank (for the PTA) got home then checked my email. When we got home Brianna gave me the card she made me this weekend and I put it on the fridge. Shortly after that JR got home from work and we headed out to Chili’s for dinner.

Our “local” Chili’s is normally excellent – great service & food. Tonight was definitely the exception to that. The server was nice enough, but she had to be reminded to bring out drinks (about 10 minutes after we ordered them) and it took a long time to get our appetizer. When they brought our food they got both my order and JR’s orders wrong. Mine was easy to fix, JR had to wait extra time for his meal. Drink refills were VERY slow (we were only drinking water, so it’s not like they had to be mixed or anything). The floor manager ended up coming to check on us and we were quite honest and told them what was going on. They offered to give us a free dessert, but since I was getting a free dessert anyway (my birthday dessert), they offered to remove the cost of JR’s meal also. When the check finally came they had indeed deducted my birthday dessert and JR’s meal, however they charged us for 2 drinks – we were only drinking water. So, they had to go fix that also. If that had been our first visit (or one of the first) to that particular Chili’s we probably would not be inclined to go back. However, since it normally is excellent I can’t imagine we wouldn’t go again…especially since we love the molten lava cake and I ALWAYS get the country fried chicken crispers w/ black pepper gravy – YUM.

The girls are now in bed – Delaney fell asleep on the couch waiting for Brianna to get out of the shower. I think I’m about to head to bed myself. I keep catching myself yawning while I type this!

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