Looonng Week

This has been such a long week…and there’s still one day left in the “work” week. Most of you know I’m the PTA’s treasurer this year. This week the fall fundraiser order forms and money were due (Monday) – the order is due in to the fundraising company Friday (tomorrow). And, as is typical, there are always a few dozen “last minute” orders from people who don’t get their order forms in time or are waiting for money from this person or that person. Then there are those who’s order form does not match up with the money they’ve turned in. So, we’ve been counting money, balancing order forms w/ money, tracking down people who forgot to send money, etc. all week.

Also, this week is the book fair, so we’re dealing with THAT money also. Oh, did I also mention that TONIGHT was open house and we had the book fair open and we are pre-selling fall festival armbands.

Oh yeah, and this week was grandparents week, so the grandparents of a lot of the kids came to have lunch with their grandkids and get pictures taken with them. Guess where they were taking the pictures…yep, in the PTA room. And, the PTA room adjoins the library, where the book fair is being held. So, it’s been absolute CHAOS this week.

Tomorrow is the first day of the case lot sale at the Commissary and I’m heading there first thing in the morning to get the good stuff before it’s picked over.

But, there is great news…the Nintendo DS that Brianna lost last month when I told her not to bring it to the library and she did it anyway…I found it today. It was jammed under Delaney’s car seat. Brianna doesn’t know I found it yet and we probably won’t tell her for a while.

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