Trying to Get Back in the Groove

After WAY too long of doing NOTHING, I’m trying to get back in some sort or “working out” groove. I’ve been taking the dog for a walk (about a mile and a half) 5 out of the last 6 nights. The girls have gone with me all but last night. Brianna rides her bike and Delaney sits in her stroller. Sometimes one of the neighbors and her little girl walk with us. Delaney really loves that because she’s got someone close to her age sitting in a stroller right next to her she can “talk” to and pass toys back and forth.

Brianna has been getting a lot more reading done this past week – but only because she lost her DS. Literally lost it. She took it to the library – after I specifically told her NOT to – and it apparently fell out of the truck in the parking lot and, of course, whoever found it probably kept it.

Anyway, she’s about halfway through the 3rd Harry Potter book. She read the first one last month and the 2nd one last week. She’s really enjoying them.

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