Random Stuff

I have several things to catch up on.

Delaney’s refused having the potty seat sitting on the “big potty”, preferring to balance herself on the big seat by herself. She’s also has been trying to go potty by herself the past couple of days. We also had a poop in the potty again yesterday! (Unfortunately not so for today.) She’s still having pee accidents every so often, but that’s usually when I’m not paying a lot of attention. She had an accident this morning, but it was in the bathroom floor when she was trying to get to the potty by herself. At least that’s easy to clean up!

School registration is in 2 weeks. I’ll be at the school all day, volunteering at the PTA booth. 34 days until school starts and some resemblance to routine returns to the household. Unfortunately for me that also means I’ll be getting up early again. No more sleeping until 8:30! 😉

Brianna read the first Harry Potter book this past week. She really enjoyed it and is looking forward to reading the next book. We let her watch the first movie the other day. I wasn’t upstairs when she was watching it, but JR was. He said she was talking about the book the whole time…”that happened in Chapter 2″ “that happened in Chapter 5”, etc. There was a lot of stuff that was left out of the movie, but thankfully we explained to her ahead of time about how they would have to leave stuff out, otherwise the movie would be a mini-series.

JR bought some Steelers stickers and added them to his motorcycle. I’ll post some pictures when he gets back. He took Brianna to go for a ride and buy her some new shoes and himself a holster for his backup weapon.

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