Delaney update 7-2-09

For some reason, Delaney has started calling her poop “turtle”. I don’t have the slightest idea where she got that from. But, now when she poops, instead of saying she has “yuckies” like she used to, now she says she has “turtle”. And, of course, she always makes “turtles” in her panties and NOT on the potty.

She is doing great with peeing on the potty and staying dry during nap time. Although, last night, for some strange reason, she was sitting on the futon upstairs and peed…but didn’t say a word…she just sat in it, for who knows how long, until I picked her up to take her downstairs to get ready for bed. I was NOT happy. I poured a bunch of vinegar on the spot. (That reminds me, I need to add vinegar to the shopping list.) Hopefully it won’t stink.

Anyway, like I said, in general, she’s doing great with keeping dry during the day. She’s even been dry for about 5 nights this past week. Tonight she REFUSED to wear the “backup diaper” (the diaper I put on over her panties at night). So, I made it quite clear to her that she was NOT to pee in the bed. The other night she woke herself up at midnight to pee on the potty, so I know she’s capable. I’m crossing my fingers to see how it goes.

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