They're Sharing a Room Now

I’ve had a very productive day today.  Brianna and Delaney are now in the same room, per Brianna’s repeated requests since before Delaney was even born.  Delaney’s crib was moved into Brianna’s room and converted to a toddler bed. All toys (almost all toys anyway) were moved into Delaney’s old room and reorganized.  Everything looks so much cleaner now with the reorganization.

Nap time was quite a challenge. Delaney kept getting out of bed and playing. I kept putting her back in bed. It only took a couple of times for her to get the idea to hide her pillow and blanket so I couldn’t find it (or so she thought). I guess she thought that if she didn’t have a pillow and blanket that she couldn’t take a nap.  The first attempt was putting it all on Brianna’s bed – easily found. The second attempt was putting it all in the drawer in Brianna’s nightstand. Again, pretty easily found because I heard her opening and closing drawers right before I went in the room.  The third attempt was hiding it all under Brianna’s bed. That one took me just a tad bit longer to find.

Finally, after just over 2 hours and JR going in to holler at her to stay in bed, she cried herself to sleep and slept for about 2 hours. She normally sleeps for about 3 hours for her nap, so she was cranky when she got up.

Tonight she didn’t even get into bed until after 10 (her bed time is 8). I thought that would mean she would fall right to sleep (she was very tired).  Nope. I heard Brianna in there hollering at Delaney to be quiet and go to sleep….several times.  So, I went in to see what the issue was. Brianna said Delaney was clapping and singing and just generally making noise. I told Brianna that she would just have to deal with the noises because that’s what happens when you share a room. And I told Delaney to be quiet and to go sleep.  It was quiet for a while, so I just went in to check on them.  Brianna is sound asleep, but Delaney is still awake. Just laying there looking at everything. I’m not going to get too freaked about it since I know she’s just trying to get used to the new surroundings and her bed looking so much different now (same bed, just without the front bars). I figure she’ll fall asleep eventually…at least she’s not trying to get out of the bed.

I swear, Brianna never gave us this much problem with sleeping and such.  Totally different kids. Brianna was sleeping through the night (on her own – no “training”) at 8 weeks.  Delaney was more than a year and a half old…and LOTS of effort on our part to get her there.  Brianna climbed right up in it and put herself down for her nap without us having to say anything.  Delaney, well, she’s been quite a handfull today.  There is only 2 months difference from when we moved Brianna to a toddler bed and when we moved Delaney to one, so it’s not an issue with us moving them to toddler beds at different ages.

Also, JR decided to pull out Brianna’s old training wheeled bike to see if Delaney was big enough for it yet.  We lowered the seat all the way down and she was able to reach the pedals with no problems.  Making the pedals work is another subject. She completely enjoyed having us push her around the driveway on the bike though. She felt like such a big girl with just moving into a big girl bed AND riding around on a big girl bike!

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