Delaney wakes up to go potty

I’m totally dragging this morning! Glad I don’t have anything “pressing” early this morning. Delaney woke up at midnight and took herself to the potty (YAY) and of course there was a big ruckus in the house over it! Unfortunately, it was hard to fall asleep after that! She was dry again when she woke up this morning too…that’s about 4 mornings out of the past week.

She’s been dry most of the time during the day lately. She’s even started taking herself to the potty sometimes instead of me having to prompt her all the time.

We’ve ventured out in public a few times without a diaper. Most of the time I make sure she’s got the plastic training pants covers over top of her thick training panties. The last time we went out to the library (Monday), I did just per her “Dora” panties on her and leave it at that. I knew we were only going to be gone about an hour and she went to the potty right before we left, so I felt pretty confident. She did great!

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