Spring Break is Over

Well, Spring Break is over, and things are on their way back to normal here in the house.  JR is sleeping (worked last night), Brianna is at school, Shiner is napping behind the couch, and Delaney is trying her best to build something to climb up to get Brianna’s Nintendo DS off the mantel.  She has pulled everything she can find that’s even remotely stable over to the fireplace to try to stand on it. She’s going through Brianna withdrawls.  She’s gotten so used to having Brianna here every day.  I just told her to get down off her toy horse (she’s standing on it trying to get to the game) and she looked at me and pointed to my computer and said “puter’, like she wanted me to stop looking at her and look at the computer instead…little stinker.

I made the girls be outside most of the weekend.  At first Brianna was not too happy that I didn’t want her sitting in the house watching TV and playing video games.  But, she did end up having a good time outside – mostly by herself of all things, oh the horror.  She did find a couple of lizards and caught them…she had one of them sitting on her hand for almost a half hour.

I seriously need to post more pictures. 🙂

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